1. Introduction: Consciousness

2. Gravity, density, and Young's modulus

3. Light, the magnetic northpole

4. Energy and neutrinoes

5. Water

6. Systems of energy

7. Time

8. Life

9. Climate and health

Addendum: Summary of Peptider i blodet (Peptides in the Blood), 1998.


Gravity, Light and Climate

Common physical functions

By Arne Kristiansen

Common physical appearances are not autonomous but are functions of the elementary properties of substance. These properties, e.g. positive and negative charges, are producing the functions that we perceive. Like gravity, energy, light and time. This is a new approach to physics.

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The name of this website, peptider.no, was taken from Peptider i blodet (Peptides in the blood), ref. 29, which I published in 1998 (ISBN 82-994376-0-1). From its Summary it may be seen that the approach to its theme is not unlike that of the present work, though the many aspects of its theme may blur the principle of approach.